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[12 Sep 2019|10:02pm]
[Character contact and information for [info]repose]

Character: Diego Castaño
Residence: B&B
Employment: Mechanic

Player name:
Timezone: GMT
Public contact information: Discord @ Tulikettu#0322

Comment on this post for contact information/plot discussions!

[12 Sep 2019|04:28pm]
Writer Info;
Writer Name/Handle: D
Are you (the Writer) 18 years of age or over?:Yep, still

Character Info;
Employment: Mechanic
Housing: B&B
Character Journal name: [info]mindaltering
Character Name: Diego Castaño
Character Age: 24
Character Played By: Garcia

Character Personality & History:
Diego Castaño entered the world at seventeen years old. The years prior he had been known as Louisa, but that isn't important to the story. He grew up in Chicago, middle child of Richard, an English teacher, and Maria, a Spanish immigrant teaching at the same high school.

Diego graduated university with a good degree in mechanical engineering, and moved into a career in a related field. Up to that point, he hadn't had any issues with his gender identity, he hadn't had any negative reactions, but his new field was apparently full of men who thought their female counterparts, no matter how qualified, just weren't really very good. And Diego? He could pretend to be a man as much as he wanted, in their eyes he wasn't one.

He put up with that for a year, and then, at twenty four, and then headed off out of the city in search of somewhere more comfortable to call home. He'd heard things about Repose from people who came back through Chicago, and it did just happen to be in the direction he was driving.

Skittish about getting back into the field he had trained for, Diego turned to his first true love, cars, and set about employing himself in their refurbishment and upkeep, as well as casually fixing them and anything else someone might need a hand with. He worked sketchy freelance for a while before word of mouth got him a reasonably reputation and brought the money in, though he does still work part time at [some place I'm going to ask around about].

Diego identifies as pansexual, and though he is currently single, he'd kind of really like kids at one point in the future, ideally with a partner, but on his own if nothing else comes up...

Town Connections;
Example: Room mate - just for kicks, someone he's close to and can hang out with
Example: Work buddies - at his part time job, wherever that might be
Example: Future baby-daddy - when the urge strikes at some point in the future. Doesn't have to be a romantic connection, just a casual sperm donor.

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